• Is Mexico Safe?

    With the recent state department warnings about travel to certain areas in Mexico many have questions whether Mexico should be in their vacation plans. My answer would be an emphatic “YES”. This is not just because I market Mexico as a vacation destination, this is because I have first hand knowledge of traveling to Mexico and find it to be a very safe place to visit.

    Of course there are areas of Mexico that has seen and continues to see violence due to the illegal drug operations. Some past tourist hot spots such as Acapulco are now considered to be iffy places to visit. However, most of the violence you hear about is contained in certain areas and certain states of Mexico. Think of Mexico light the United States with each state having different crime rates and issues. Much like crime in the US the shootings you hear about are between rival factions and not against tourists or local residents.

    In my travels and experience I will note that you will find that petty crime and scams just as you would find in any large city. You should be just as vigilant when strolling downtown Cancun as you would be strolling downtown San Diego or Kansas City. Don’t flash your expensive jewelry or wads of cash be aware of your surroundings as you would be in any other place in the world.

    According to www.Numbeo.com the safety factor for one of my favorite Mexican cities, Puerto Vallarta, walking alone at night and in the daytime is rated at very high. Compare this to my home city of Colorado Springs where the safety rating for walking alone during the day is also rated high but the rating for walking alone at night is only moderate.

    I would not hesitate to take a trip to Mexico and would encourage you to explore this wonderful country that is full of gracious and friendly people. There are options for first timers who may be wary about a foreign country and immersive experience for experienced travelers. Contact us today to plan your vacation.