• Staying connected especially when you are overseas can be expensive and sometime difficult. I want to share an easy and free way to stay connected with the people back home. All you need is a smart phone and an internet connection.

    Internet Texting

    Most of us text, we like to send updates, send pictures and have short conversations, however it is likely your cell phone provider will charge you for those overseas texts. To text for free as long as you have aces to an internet connection download the “Telegram”  app on your phone and have your friends and family do the same. Once you all have the app, you can enjoy secure encrypted texts for free. Other option for free texting or messaging is the “What’s-App” app or the Facebook Messenger.

    Internet calls.

    With the Skype App you can make voice and video calls to your contacts for free as long as you have internet access. The Skype app can be used on phone, tablets and computers making it a versatile way to stay in touch. For a reasonable fee you can even obtain a Skype telephone number so non Skype users can call you on your Skype enabled device (great for business travelers).